PhD – Imaging Methods in Medicine (P5150 - 5103V000)


Majority of the work is exerted on cadaveric dissections and observations. Nevertheless, besides the routinely radiographs of X-rays, CT, MR and ultrasound became an emerging tool in anatomy. Our work takes place at different levels interchangeably. At the osteology level, at the soft tissue level, and the topographical level with focus on vessels and nerve variations.

The objectives and significance of the work

  • Mapping morphological variations as a guidance in imaging diagnostics.
  • Optimizing anatomically based protocols.



Recommended Courses

  • B90189 – Selected chapters of imaging methods in medicine
  • B90087 – Biophysical methods in medicine
  • B90080 – Basics of statistics for biomedicine and healthcare

State Doctoral Examination


List of questions/topics for doctoral viva voce in the field of imaging methods in medicine  

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Offering Positions

For topics in radiological anatomy, please, contact the supervisor.



prof. MUDr. David Kachlík, Ph.D. 257296 231 @email


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