Students Consultation

We highly recommend our students to keep on track with study performance throughout the whole academic year. In the process as you may face learning obstacles or a decline in performance, we advise you to seek consultations as soon as possible to solve the underlying issues and retain a baseline standards of academic performance.

Times of visits: by appointment or prior a notice.

  • Focused tutoring by utilizing Anatomage virtual anatomy: Organized by junior doctors and senior students under the supervision of our department.

    Students Tutors:

Ayrton D'Souza

    *To schedule a session: contact one of the assigned tutors or MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan.

  • For psychological support concerning study difficulties and motivational challnnges: Contact MUDr. Anastasiya Lahutsina, PhD. [
  • For personal issues outside the scope of anatomy of a psychosocial nature: Contact the study department of the Second Faculty of Medicine offers specifically for students Psychological Counselling.
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