Ultrasound Anatomy- Musculoskeletal Regions

Eligible Subject: "Ultrasound Anatomy- Musculoskeletal Regions"


This subject is intended to enrich students with in depth practical skills and knowledge of the applied clinical anatomy. The course will be in the form of practical practice on basic ultrasound anatomy of the musculoskeletal system with focus on topographical spaces navigating nerves and major vessels as well as selected joints.


Conditions for enrollments:

Recommended for 2nd to 6th year students

The level of depth and amount of clinical cases will be adjusted based on the class of the students in each group.

*Note: The subject will be offered twice per year. Only students whom passed both Anatomy and Cross-Sectional Anatomy successfully can ONLY enroll! Limited capacity of 5 due to essential on-hand-practice. Students will be divided into groups of suitable schedule sessions.

Registration by email: *For applying: contact MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan.


Aim of the course

The aim of this subject is to deliver interactive practical knowledge of the complexity of ultrasound anatomy. This knowledge is essential foundation for the clinical practice in interpreting radiological images.


Credits requirements: (1 semester course - 3 credits)

  • Full attendance.
  • Credit test composed of:  1) Labeling structures on ultrasound images.  2) Demonstrating selected organ practically on the ultrasound.



The course will take place on a weekly basis of 2 hours in 6 sessions.

Room-O (C106)

Time (*Tentative): Fridays- will be arranged and announced 

Winter Semester - 6th week to the 12th week

Summer Semester - 6th week to the 12th week

  1. Hand (joints of the digits, tendons of residing muscles, palmar nerves and vessels).
  2. Aram and foramen (navigating nerves and vessels, carpal canal).
  3. Axilla (brachial plexus and major vessels).
  4. Shoulder (rotator cuff muscles, suprascapular canal).
  5. Knee (knee joint- collateral ligaments, patellar tendon and ligament, cruciate ligaments, corners of the menisci; popliteal fossa- nerves and vessels).
  6. Leg and dorsal foot (navigating nerves and vessels, superficial veins, tarsal canal).


Recommended Textbooks:

Loukas, M., Burns, D. Essential Ultrasound Anatomy. Wolters Kluwer.

Berthold Block. Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy. Thieme.

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