Medical Education Orientation

Eligible Subject: "Medical Education Orientation" 


This subject is intended to orient and direct fresher students toward the academic level of learning to match the medical school demands. The teaching constructed to be in an active form to build professional learning skills and college adaptation. The goal is to enhance students ability to handle the non-smooth transition from high school level of education into the professional environment of medical faculty classrooms.   

*Recommended and restricted to 1st year students only. Students repeating the 1st year are also welcomed to join.


Aim of the course

The foundational information will be delivered in the form of seminars throughout the course. Some seminars will include obligatory discussions where students will need to take turns in exchanging how they understand a certain discussed concept.  There will be workshops in which students will work in small teams to discuss a given topic, to address practical solution to a given problem, and to give examples of team building and task targeted plans. By the last week of the course, each student will submit a one page chart of a plan illustrating a gained ability to construct own individualized plan. The submitted plan will be evaluated by the tutor and will be credited only if it matches the load of the teaching curriculum. 

The anticipated outcome:

  • Develop skills and mental strength to overcome medical school challenges.  
  • Gain professionalism attitude and academic maturity in problem solving. 
  • Boost self confidence and familiarity with the system and its teaching material.
  • Comprehend the 6 year MD curriculum and how each year builds up the next.
  • Ability to meet short term goals that increase self capability to pass the continuous testing.
  • Establish long term vision and personalized directions from earlier stages of the study.
  • Establish network with faculty members that ease future access to student services.


Credits requirements: (1 semesters course - 3 credits)

  • Fulfilled attendance.
  • Active participation during the workshops and classroom discussion.
  • One page chart describing individualized study plan. 



The course will take place once every week in the form of seminars and interactive workshops of 2 hours in 9 seminars during the beginning of the winter semester.

Monday 17:00-19:00- Starting from 2nd week of the semester 

I. Unit One – The Mental Mind Set

   1. The Medical Curriculum

   2. The Academic Constitution and University Organization

   3. Subject Specific Orientation

       a. Meeting Pre-Clinical Theoretical Subjects Guarantees

       b. Meeting Major Clinical Applied Subjects Guarantees

   4. Social Adaptations

       a. The Academic Environment and Standards

       b. Cultural Adaptation

       c. Healthy Life Style

II. Unit Two – Academic Skills and College Success

    1. Active Vs Passive Learning

    2. Critical & Analytical Thinking

    3. Study Strategies

        a. The Learning Curve

        b. The Learning Steps

        c. Study Efficiency

        d. Sources Selection and Utilization

        e. Test Taking and Exam Preparations

    4. Time Management

    5. Discussion Formulating Skills

    6. Communication Skills and Public Speaking

III. Unit Three – Personal Growth

     1. Academic Integrity and Ethical Standards

     2. Psychosocial Issues

         a. Common Psychological Problems, Stress Management

         b. Professional Networking and Interpersonal Relationships

         c. Dependency and Substance Abuse

    3. The Career Path As a Student

        a. Self Assessment

        b. Short Term Vs Long Term Goals

        c. Career Vision, Curriculum Vitae & Resume Building


*Recommended Textbooks and Guides:

  • Gardner, J.N., Barefoot, B.O., Koledoye, K. A.: Understanding Your College Experience : Strategies for Success. 3rd ed., Bedford/St. Martin's, 2020.
  • Gardner, J. N., Barefoot, B.O.: Your College Experience: Strategies for Success. 14th ed., Bedford Books, 2021.
  • Evans, D., Brown, J.: How to Succeed at Medical School: An Essential Guide to Learning. 1st ed., Wiley-Blackwell,  2009.
  • Hopkins, D., Reid, T.: The Academic Skills Handbook: Your Guide to Success in Writing, Thinking and Communicating at University. 1st ed., SAGE, 2018
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