The Department of Anatomy conducts medically oriented research in affiliation to the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Faculty Hospital Motol and in cooperation with local and international research institutes.  

Our ongoing scientific activity is composed of two divisions. Morphological neurosciences supervised by Professor Rastislav Druga, and in cooperation with the Czech Academy of Science. Clinical anatomy supervised by the head of the department Professor David Kachlík, and in cooperation with a wide range of local and international anatomical, histological, radiological, general and specialized surgical, and pathological departments and institutions.

In addition, our department carry on research with auxiliary focus on anatomical terminology and nomenclaturebioinformatics in morphology, anthropolog,  anatomical education and educational tools, to widen our comprehension of anatomy and provide communication medium.


Research activity and Organization


For General Inquiries, please contact MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan, or the designated team member.

For special Inquiries, please contact the head of the department prof. MUDr. David Kachlík, Ph.D.

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