Research activity and Organization


The Department of Anatomy conducts medically oriented research in affiliation to the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Faculty Hospital Motol and in cooperation with local and international research institutes. 

Our ongoing scientific activity is composed of two divisions. Morphological neurosciences supervised by Professor Rastislav Druga, and in cooperation with the Czech Academy of Science. Clinical anatomy supervised by the head of the department Professor David Kachlík, and in cooperation with a wide range of local and international anatomical, histological, radiological, general and specialized surgical, and pathological departments and institutions.

An auxiliary focus to widen our comprehension of anatomy and provide communication medium.

  • Terminology and nomenclature: Revision of old and recent in practice anatomical terms. Contribution into TA. Terms proposals and definition clarifications.
  • Bioinformatics in morphology: Implementing new mathematical approaches to digital imaging morphometry.
  • Anthropology: An extension of the bone morphometry including comparative anatomy, evolution and development of bones. 
  • History of anatomy: Tracing sequence of events took part in the development of our knowledge on morphology, as well highlighting noticeable accomplishers.
  • Anatomical education and educational tools: Involvement in textbooks publications and editing at the level of college teaching as well as advanced references. Memorix series. 3D printing of bones. Utilizing virtual anatomy tools. Implementing ultrasound anatomy into the curriculum.

Participants in our research program range from expert professors, medical and science doctors, academic staff and clinicians, postgraduate and pregraduate medical students. Each with a role oriented toward matching the level of experience and intended future goals. Our projects range from large long term sequential projects to small short term projects, as well thesis projects for PhD students in one of the three programmes (Experimental surgery, Neurosciences, Imaging methods) plus narrow topics of research suitable for junior students as an extracurricular opportunity.


For General Inquiries, please contact MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan, or the designated team member.

For special Inquiries, please contact the head of the department prof. MUDr. David Kachlík, Ph.D.


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