PhD – Neurosciences (P5108 - 5103V000)


Morphological neuroscience analyzing the neocortex and selected subcortical areas with a focus on the basal ganglia and its neuronal connections. Status epilepticus is the hallmark disease of interest. Majority of the studies are exerted on the rat brain as an animal experimental model of choice. Apart from the provoked epileptic animal models, retrospective structural and functional MRI are under consideration.

The objectives and significance of the work

  • To map the distribution of interneurons and to localize the inhibitory systems which can serve as neuromodulation sites in epilepsy.
  • To localize and profile post-status-epilepticus neuronal degenerative changes which can serve as means of imaging diagnostics and sites of neuromodulation as well.  



Recommended Courses

  • B90005 – Progress in neurosciences
  • B90189 – Selected chapters of imaging methods in medicine (Neuroimaging)
  • B90215 – Practical Medical Physics and Technology for the Leksell Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
  • B90080 – Basics of statistics for biomedicine and healthcare
  • Processing and analysis of microscopic images in biomedicine

State Doctoral Examination

List of questions/topics for doctoral viva voce in the field of neurosciences 

Recommended References

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Offering Positions

For topics in anatomy in kinesiology and rehabilitation, contact the supervisor.

Thesis – Calretinin immunoreactivity in the prefrontal cortical region of the rat brain.

Thesis – Distribution of calretinin-positive interneurons in the dorsal and ventral striatum of rats.

Thesis – Changes in Structure and in Inhibitory System of Hippocampus and Parahippocampal Areas in Young Animals experienced Status Epilepticus.


A suitable / prospective applicant must be a (or future) medical faculty graduate who intends to focus on anatomy, histology, physiology, neurology, psychiatry or neurosurgery and is interested in doctoral studies in Neurosciences. Candidates would be involved in undergraduate teaching of anatomy or histology as part of the program



prof. MUDr. Rastislav Druga, DrSc. 257296 236 @email


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