Circulatory and lymphoid systems and blood 2

Circulary and lymphoid systems and blood will be tested orally using a microscope. Each student will receive one slide from the list below. When testing with a light microscope equipped with a discussion device for two observers, focus will be placed on the structures we discussed in the practical classes. The student must recognize the slide and demonstrate theoretical knowledge of structure and development of organs of circulatory and lymphoid system, structure of formed blood elements, hematopoiesis; we will also add two ossification slides, which were demonstrated only after tissue testing.

2. umbilical cord - vessels, fetal blood circulation
8. epiphyseal plate - endochondral ossification
9. intramembranous ossification
12. blood smear
13. bone marrow smear
15. aorta (elastin staining)
16. aorta (H&E)
17. muscular artery (elastin staining)
18. large vein
19. bundle of vessels (H&E)
20. bundle of vessels (elastin staining)
21. lymph node
22. spleen (H&E)
23. spleen (impregnation of reticular fibres)
24. thymus
25. palatine tonsil
26. lingual tonsil
111. heart

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