The New Updated Program

The new Updated Program:

1. Practicals reverted to in facility attendance- (Capacity of 10 per Room in adherence to COVID regulation):

Starts on Monday according to schedule as following:

Monday 19.Oct. 14.30 - Groups 3,4 practical lesson.

Wednesday 21.Oct 16.00 – Groups 1, 2 practical lesson.

Group 1-Circle A online practical lesson.

Link to ZOOM to be sent via SIS emailing system  *Registration in Advance is required!

Friday 23.Oct 16.00 - Groups 5, 6 practical lesson.


  • Practicals are according to the schedule. Students are divide into 6 groups and into 4 sub-group circles  according to the sent google sheet excel file.
  • The groups on the day of the lesson will gather in this assigned form of individual  sub-group circles in front of the gatehouse of the building of the Theoretical departments on Plzeňská Street (Žížala) where you will be picked by the designated lecturer to be guided through the vicinity.
  • Two pairs of disposable rubber gloves and a mask are mandatory.
  • Further COVID regulation will be instructed upon your arrival.

2. Bones self-study:

You have the opportunity to come according to the sent times and rooms by group (your official 4 SIS groups… NOT the 6 anatomy groups)

* 1 Demonstrator/Lecturer  will be present to help you if needed.

3. Bones Test: Friday 23.Oct

Oral examination on bone specimens. Specific times and room will be posted by Thursday.

*Group 1 (and whom on quarantine and got permission)- combined format of 2 parts: a. online test + b. oral test upon arrival to Prague.

Created: 15. 10. 2020 / Modified: / Responsible person: MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan