Tissues 1

Description of the test

The test is held by the general rules of written tests (see Continuous Testing – Organisation).

Connective tissue
General characteristic of connective tissue, fibrillar component and ground substance of extracellular matrix, cells of connective tissue. Connective tissue proper, types of connective tissue proper. General characteristic of cartilage, types of cartilage. General characteristic of bone, types of bone, joints.

Muscle tissue
General characteristic, types of muscle tissue, mechanism of contraction, regeneration.

Nerve tissue
General characteristic, neurons (cell body, dendrites, axon), synapses, neuroglia, myelination.

Epithelial tissue
Epithelial cells, specializations of cell surfaces, classification of epithelia, glandular epithelia.

The study of tissues must be based on the structure of the eukaryotic cell. Therefore, we also count on knowledge from the morphological part of the subject Cell, which runs in parallel. 

At the end of the test, participants will be required to draw and describe two of the required schemes: 

structure of collagen fibril, compact bone, sarcomere, intercalated disc, neuron, myelin sheath, apical junctional complex, kinocilium - longitudinal and transverse section.

Examples of pictures can be found in texbook and Moodle presentations.

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