Tissues 2

Tissue 2 will be tested orally using a microscope. Each student will receive one slide from the list in the table. When testing with a light microscope equipped with a discussion device for two observers, focus will be placed on the structures we discussed in the practical classes. The student must demonstrate theoretical knowledge of four basic tissues; knowledge of cytology from the parallel course Cell is also assumed. If it is a slide of a complex organ, its exact identification will not be required yet.

Number of slide Name of slide - what to focus on
1 Tendon (H&E) - dense regular connective tissue
2 Umbilical cord (H&E) - mucous connective tissue (cells, fibers)
3 Hyaline cartilage (H&E)
4 Elastic cartilage (H&E)
5 Fibrocartilage (H&E)
6 Compact bone (longitudinally) (H&E)
7 Compact bone (transversally) (H&E)
10 White adipose tissue (H&E)
11 Skeletal muscle (H&E)
14 Heart (H&E) - cardiac muscle tissue
30 Trachea (mucicarmin) - pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium
33 Gl. submandibularis (H&E) - compound tubuloacinar seromucous gland (secretory portion, ducts)
37 Liver (H&E) - trabecular epithelium
43 Oesophagus (H&E) - stratified squamous nonkeratinized epithelium, connective tissue, skeletal and smooth muscle tissue
45 Stomach (H&E) - simple columnar epithelium, connective tissue, smooth muscle tissue
48 Duodenum (H&E) - simple columnar epithelium (types of cells), connective tissue, smooth muscle tissue
54 Kidney (PAS) - simple squamous and cuboidal epithelium, basement membrane
57 Urinary bladder (H&E) - transitional epithelium, connective tissue, smooth muscle tissue
79 Cerebral cortex (impregnation) - neurons and their processes
80 Cerebellum (H&E) - neurons (size, processes)
81 Spinal cord (H&E) - neurons, central glial cells
82 Spinal cord (toluidine blue) - neurons, Nissl substance
83 Spinal ganglion (H&E) - neurons, peripheral glial cells
84 Vegetative ganglion (H&E) - neurons, lipofuscin inclusions
85 Peripheral nerve (H&E) - myelinated axons, myelination
86 Plexus choroideus (H&E) - simple cuboidal epithelium, connective tissue
87 Thick hairless skin (H&E) - stratified squamous keratinized epithelium, types of connective tissue
88 Thin hairy skin (H&E) - stratified squamous keratinized epithelium, simple tubular glands (sweat), branched acinar glands (sebacous), connective tissue
102 Umbilical cord (alcian blue) - mucous connective tissue (ground substance)
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