Cross Sectional Anatomy

Eligible Subject: "Cross Sectional Anatomy"


This subject is intended to enrich students with in depth cross sectional anatomy knowledge of the human body. The three standard planes (axial, sagittal and frontal) will be demonstrated on virtual cadavers as well as on ultrasound, CTs and MRIs utilizing Anatomage table from head to toe.


Conditions for enrollments:

Recommended for 1st to 4th year students

*Note - The subject will be offered twice per year. First year students can ONLY join the summer semester. Limited capacity of 8 due to Anatomage table size. Priority of summer semester to first year students.

Registration by email: *For applying: contact MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan.


Aim of the course

The aim of this subject is to deliver interactive practical knowledge of the complexity of the cross sectional anatomy. This knowledge is essential foundation for the clinical practice in interpreting radiological images.


Credits requirements: (1 semester course - 3 credits)

  • Full attendance.
  • Credit test composed of:  1) Labeling structures on cross sections.  2) Drawing a selected cross sectional scheme.



The course will take place on a weekly basis of 2 hours in 8 sessions.

Room-O (C106)

Circle 1: Friday 9:00-11:00. Circle 2: Friday 14:00-16:00. 

Winter Semester - 2nd week to the 10th week

Summer Semester - 2nd week to the 10th week

  1. Upper limb (compartments and its residing and passing structures).
  2. Lower limb (compartments and its residing and passing structures).
  3. Thorax (anterior and posterior thoracic wall, mediastinum, lungs, heart).
  4. Abdomen (anterior and posterior abdominal wall, peritoneum and retroperitoneum, internal organs).
  5. Pelvis (pelvic floor, internal organs, differences between female and male).
  6. Neck (compartments and its residing and passing structures, cervical triangles, spinal cord sections).
  7. Head (skull spaces, scalp layers, intra- and extra-cranial structures, brain sections).
  8. Credit test followed by open discussion and revision.


Recommended literature:

Dixon, A., Logan, B. M., and Harold Ellis, H. Human Sectional Anatomy: Pocket Atlas of Body Sections, CT and MRI Images. CRC Press, 2017.

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