Evolution in Medical Context

Eligible Subject: "Evolution in Medical Context"


This subject covers the evolutionary biological foundations of disease formation. It illustrates the underlying dynamicity of our gross morphology as human.

*Recommended for 2nd to 4th year students. 


Aim of the course

The aim of this subject is to widen the knowledge outside the scope of the classical clinical medicine. The focus is on the evolutionary mechanisms that brought medical complication into our biological system. 


Credits requirements: (2 semesters course - 3 credits)

*Full attendance.



The course will take place once every two weeks of 3 hours in 12 seminars during the whole academic year.

Thursdays 14:00-17:00 (even weeks)- Starting from the 2nd week of the semester 

  1. Molecular evolutionary mechanisms.
  2. Anatomical evolutionary mechanisms.
  3. Evolutionary comparative anatomy.
  4. Human evolution and speciation.
  5. Anthropology & psychosocial formations.
  6. Host-pathogen evolutionary interaction.
  7. Propagation of mutations.
  8. Medical implications brought up by the upright standing.
  9. Ethnicity in disease variable susceptibility. 
  10. Chromosomal congenital defects.
  11. Morphological congenital defects.
  12. Paleontology & Paleopathology (museum visit).
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