Dissection Demonstrators Test and Selection

Tests for candidate demonstrators will take place online Thursday 8.Apr.2021 at 17:30.

If interested contact  MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan  (@email), briefly state if you had taken the test before and when, also if you had demonstrated before and list when and how many times.            

*Capacity is limited and selection is open to competition!

Selection factors:

  1. Test results (if you took the test before, you do not need to take it again).
  2. Previous  dissection experience.
  3. Our recommendation and evaluation of your learning performance and motivations.


  • Full attendance
  • Assisting in dissecting
  • Demonstrating the dissected structures and topographies
  • Guiding students through dissection techniques and navigating through the structures

Dissection week:

     12-15.Apr.2021 14:00-18:00

First meeting for accepted demonstrators: 12.Apr.2021 12:30


Additional information on the dissection course

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