The Anatomy, Histology and Embryology- AHE [DA1101338] Subject for the MD Master's General Medicine program is composed of 22 credits plus a final exam (C/C+E) according to the European Credit Transfer System. To conclude the subject it is necessary to obtain the credits of both semesters to be allowed to apply for the final exam; and thereafter the fulfillment of the subject is based on passing the final exam.


Conditions for Obtaining the Credits

  1. Full attendance of practical and dissection lessons: 4 allowed practical absences per semester ONLYIn cases of urgent excuse: 1 dissection absence or 5-8 practical absences to be solved by the head of the subject before the end of the semester. (Schedule)
  2. Passing all tests: Each single test must be passed. In case of failing any test, 2 additional attempts of retakes will be given right after the end of the semester. The maximum allowed attempts for each test are 3, and the maximum available terms for each test are 4. (Test organizations and attempts information)
  3. Passing the dissection oral examination: The practical dissection examination at the end of the dissection course must be passed. In case of failing, the same 3 attempts rule is applied.  (Dissection Exam Information)


Receiving the Credits

Credits are granted upon successfully fulfilling the above stated conditions. The assistant professor of your group will upload the credits if obtained in the SIS by the end of the semester as “Z” / "C" standing for “credited”. Unsuccessful students need to fulfil un-passed tests during the examination (after-semester retakes) period. Failure to pass the credits within the given attempts and dates will be posted in the SIS as “K” standing for “not-credited”.  


What is the status if a student fails to pass the final exam by the end of the academic year?

If a student does not pass the final exam (subject AHE) by the end of the academic year, he/she will have to repeat the entire subject (AHE) in the following academic year if he/she obtains the minimum required 44 out of 60 credits to pass into the second year. The student will have to attend classes, pass all required tests and then the final exam.


Can a student continue their studies if they do not receive credits from AHE after repeating the subject in the second year?

No. If a student does not pass AHE by the end of the second year he/she cannot continue their studies.


Recognition of Credits

According to the Dean's provision No. 7/2014, recognition of credits obtained from other medical faculties is entirely the responsibility of the head of the respective subject.

Re-enrolled students are required to repeat the entire course of the subject. ISP-enrolled students must contact the head of the department prior to the beginning of the academic year to arrange their ISP-duties in anatomy.

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