Integrated Clinical Neuroanatomy & Neuropathophysiology

Eligible Subject: "Integrated Clinical Neuroanatomy & Neuropathophysiology"


This subject is intended to bridge the basic and clinical neuroscience foundations into one integrated course. Students will be exposed in depth to the principles of the neurological disorders at its basic background of its clinical anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pathophysiology as one unit.

*Recommended for 3rd to 6th year students. 


Aim of the course

Students learn about the nervous system in portions of neuroanatomy first year followed by neurophysiology second year, and then neuropathology third year. The aim of this subject is to integrate all those steps into one subject solidifying the overlapping aspects with emphasis on its clinical aspects and application in one supplementary unit. 


Credits requirements: (2 semesters course - 3 credits)

*Full attendance (one absence allowed).



The course will take place once every two weeks of 3 hours in 14 seminars during the whole academic year.

Thursdays 14:00-17:00 (odd weeks)- Starting from the 3rd week of the semester 

  1. Synaptic plasticity structure & function.
  2. Chemical pathways and neuromediators.
  3. Neurophysiology of learning and memory.
  4. Neurological disorders differential diagnosis . Neurological physical examinations and Imaging.
  5. Pain.
  6. Neuroanatomy bases of psychiatric disorders
  7. Neuroendocrinology.
  8. Ischemic and hypoxic CNS lesions.
  9. Cerebral aneurysms. Increased intracranial pressure & brain hernias.
  10. Basal ganglia circuitry lesions.
  11. Epilepsy.
  12. Surgical approaches in neurosurgery.
  13. Brain growth & CNS congenital defects.
  14. Visual defects. Auditory defects. Speech defects.
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