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Link to anatomy lectures presentations (LF1) (winter semester; summer semester)

*Anatomy lectures are organized and combined by both LF1 and LF2.

Link to histology and embryology lectures presentations

Moodle (passcode will be distributed in the first class)


Self study of anatomical specimens (opening times)


2.LF Anatomy Official YouTube Channel


Additional selected anatomy presentations from lectures and seminars (LF2)

Introductory Anatomy Orientation

Introduction to histology + basic histological techniques (Uhlík)

Connective tissue (Felšöová)

Introduction to anatomy, General anatomy of bones, Bones of the upper extremities

Bones of the lower extremities

General arthrology

Joints of upper limb

Joints of lower limb

Muscle tissue (Felšöová)

Muscles of upper limb 1

Nerve tissue (Felšöová)

Lower Limb Compartments – Overview

Vertebral column

Epithelial tissue (Uhlík)

Blood (Uhlík)

Hematopoiesis (Roštok)

Embryology II - implantation, bilaminar and trilaminar germ disc, gastrulation, notogenesis (Procházková)

Embryology III - development o mesoderm, bones, muscles, limbs (Uhlík)

Circulatory system (Blanková)

Cardiovascular system (Roštok)

Development of heart (Uhlík)

Development of vessels (Felšöová)

Development of heart and vessels (Malečková)

Blood vessels – arteries 1 

Blood vessels – arteries 2 

Blood vessels – veins

Lymphatic system 1

Lymphatic system 2

Lymphatic system histology (Felšöová)

Lymphatic system histology (Roštok)

GIT 1 - histology and embryology (Uhlík)

GIT 1 histology (Blanková)

GIT 1 embryology (Blanková)

GIT 2 histology - stomach and intestine (Uhlík)

GIT 3 histology - salivary glands, pancreas, liver, biliary tract (Felšöová)

GIT 3 histology - pancreas, liver, salivary glands (Roštok)

GIT, respiratory system and coelom - embryology (Malečková)

Digestive system – peritoneum

Digestive system – GIT (esophagus, stomach, small intestine) 

Digestive system – lower GIT (large intestine, rectum)


Respiratory system - histology (Uhlík)

Urinary system - kidney

Urinary system - excretory system

Urinary system (Felšöová)

Urinary system (Roštok)

Male genital system

Male genital system - histology (Roštok)

Female genital system

Female genital system and placenta - histology (Felšöová)

Placenta and fetal membranes (Blanková)

Development of urogenital system (Malečková)

Nervous system - histology and embryology (Roštok)

Cranial nerves 1

Cranial nerves 2

Spinal nerves

Autonomic nerves

CNS – Spinal cord

CNS –Brainstem


CNS pathways

Endocrine glands

Endocrine system (Procházková)

Skin and skin adnexa (Blanková)

Sensory organs I (Felšöová)

Sensory organs II (Felšöová)

Eye 1

Eye 2


Taste, smell, touch and pain

Special histological techniques (Uhlík)



Introduction to dissections and superficial veins and cutaneous nerves

Course of nerves and vessels of limbs

Topography of the Pelvis & Neck



Introduction of Imaging methods

Radiographs of the bones and joints of the upper extremity

Radiographs of the bones and joints of the lower extremity

Radiographs of the bone and joints of the axial skeleton

Imaging – Digestive system

Imaging – Respiratory system

Imaging – Urogenital system 

Imaging – Cardiovascular system

Imaging – Brain



Seminars: Bones of the extremities

Seminars: Joints of the extremities

Seminars: Muscles of the extremities

Seminars: Axial Skeleton & Joints

Seminars: Muscles of the Trunk

Seminars: Head & Neck Musculoskeletal System

Seminars: Heart

Seminars: Vessels Overview

Seminars: Lymphatic System Overview

Seminars: Digestive System I

Seminars: Digestive System II

Seminars: Urinary System

Seminars: Female Urogenital System

Seminars: Male Urogenital System

Seminars: PNS 1 - Spinal Nerves

Seminars: PNS 2 - Cranial Nerves

Seminars: CNS 1 – Meninges & Blood Supply

Seminars: CNS1 - Cerebellum, Brain Stem, Spinal cord & Tracts

Seminars: CNS 2 – The Brain

Seminars: CNS 2 – Brain MRI

Seminars: Sensory System Anatomy

Upper and Lower Extremities X-ray

Abdominal wall herniae

Lumbar triangles

Lumbar puncture

Abdominal X-Ray Anatomy

Peritoneal recesses

Overview of the portocaval and cavocaval anastomoses

Upper respiratory endoscopy

Respiratory system – supplementary figures

Coniotomy & Tracheotomy

Thoracic X-ray


Kidney ultrasound

Ureter constriction sites

Nephron functional anatomy


Triangle of Koch – heart

Dermatomes and head innervation

Cerebral Arteries Segments


External Links


Applications based on Memorix Anatomy

Anatomyka – the most detailed 3D anatomical atlas in the world in English and Czech language with English and Latin terminology

Memorix Anatomy QUIZ – an anatomy revision app with over 15,000 questions – online anatomy practice tailored to the knowledge of specific students

Online Anatomy Dictionary – online dictionary with English, Latin Czech and Slovak terminology according to Terminologia Anatomica

Histology & Microscopic Anatomy

Memorix Histology QUIZ – a histology revision app with over 7,000 questions

FFix It! YouTube channel (histological & pathology videos in English)

Shotgun Histology (virtual microscopic demonstration videos)

Felso Stain (videos in Czech, Slovak, and English) 

Virtual Microscopic Slides (virtual microscopic slides)

Student histological atlas (virtual microscopic slides LF2)

Color Images of Histological Sections (microscopic photos)

Histology Guide (microscopic photos)

LUMEN Histology home page (microscopic photos)


Virtual Human Embryo (Carnegie stages)

3D Atlas of Human Embryology


3D Atlas of the Human Bones

Skeletal System (real fotage with quiz labeling feature)

Vertebral Column (demonstration videos)

Skeleton of the Thorax (demonstration videos)

Skull Bones (3D illustration of bony composition of the skull)

Dissection Videos

Video library (by topic – matches weekly practicals)

Video library (by region – matches dissection weeks)

Illustration Videos

Functional anatomy of dissected upper limb (illustrates movements of muscles on mobile cadaver)

Inguinal canal & herniae (animated illustration)

Facial Muscles and the Scalp (specimens Demonstrations)

Cricothyrotomy (Essential clinical skills)

Lungs endoscopy (visualizing Tracheo-bronchial tree)

Vocal cords in action (during phonation)

Internal structure of the heart (functional anatomy)

Blood vessels of the head and neck (specimens Demonstrations)


Brachial plexus (animated review with clinical aspects)

Brachial plexus – individual nerves (animated review with clinical aspects)

Nerves of the head & neck (video library on specimens)

Brain anatomy including major pathways (video library)

Brain dissection (video illustrating cross sections)

Brain coronal sections (interactive online atlas)

Neuroanatomical structures (interactive online atlas)


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